Try again, Italy! Milan to seek a 2nd round for the EMA headquarter

by Alberto Magnani

Milan - The Italian government prepares an appeal to the European court for reconsidering the ultimate seat of European Medicines Agency, an EU body responsible for the evaluation of medicinal products. The headquarter was originally assigned to Amsterdam – only to discover that the Netherlands' capital is unready to offer a building by the scheduled deadline of March 30th 2019. This could give Milan a second chance after the city was finally beaten in a mocking draw with its Dutch counterpart. Italian politicians are getting excited about relaunching Milan as a concrete candidate, not least because elections are approaching and this could turn into a hot topic. While Giuseppe Sala - Milan's mayor - urges the prime minister Paolo Gentiloni to “speak up with Europe”, it seems unclear who the latter should initiate talks with. A European Commission spokesperson declined to comment. “The decision” he stated, “was taken by the 27 EU countries. We having nothing to add”.
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