Spagna, funerali dello storico sindacalista Nicolas Redondo

(LaPresse) I funerali a Madrid dello storico sindacalista Nicolas Redondo, morto martedì a 95 anni. Era stato leader dell'Ugt (Unione generale dei lavoratori) dal 1976 al 1994. Il sindacalista è stato sepolto nel cimitero civile di Madrid e alla cerimonia hanno partecipato numerose personalità del mondo politico e sociale. Spain, Nicolas Redondo buried in Madrid The historic UGT leader Nicolás Redondo, who died Tuesday in Madrid at the age of 95, was buried Thursday in the civil cemetery of the Spanish Capital, after the funeral procession left the union headquarters, where the funeral chapel was installed. The funeral took place in the presence of family members and personalities from the political and social world, as well as members and supporters of the union and citizens in general. The secretary general of UGT, Pepe Álvarez, has already assured in the cemetery that "Nicolás was, is and will be a fundamental example for trade unionism" in Spain. Álvarez defined the leader of the union between 1976 and 1994 as someone "coherent and brave", who "refounded" the union and "always put workers before political interests", and assured that UGT "will be faithful to the legacy of Nicolás".
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