Ignazio Visco: «Change is inevitable for the credit system and businesses. It is not a simple challenge, but a necessary one»

In the conversation with Silvia Pavoni, Economics editor of The Banker (Financial Times), the Governor of the Bank of Italy Ignazio Visco talks about a necessary change concerning the credit system and businesses. “We live in a moment - claims Visco - in which the balance is changing, requiring credit to be addressed in a different way. The same is in line with the changes that banks must also make for their survival and to support development, including technological and real economy. The same goes for businesses. Not all of them are able to invest in research and development. Different financing systems have to be imagined, especially for small businesses. Change is inevitable, we must equip ourselves with the skills, technologies and intervention skills required today. It is not a simple challenge, but a necessary one“.

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